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spring has finally arrived and now is the perfect time to dream and prepare for sunny days......

Large French Biot Pot
This beautiful very large, part glazed antique Biot pot originates from the Antibes area of France, where they have been produced since the Middle Ages.
Traditionally used to preserve olives and oil, they make wonderful ornamental pieces, either for the garden, terrace, conservatory or house.
Dimensions: height 62cm, circumference 161cm, top diameter 37cm, base diameter 27cm.

French White Bistro Set 1.jpg
French White Bistro Set 10.jpg
French White Bistro Set 5.jpg
French White Bistro Set 2.jpg
French White Bistro Set 3.jpg

French Bistro Set

We have paired a charming circular wrought iron French bistro table (1930s) with a pair of slatted wood and iron folding chairs, also from France.
The chairs have particularly well shaped seats and backs.  All later painted to match in white paint suitable for outdoor use. 
Dimensions in cm:
Table: height 70, diameter 54, width between feet 49.
Chairs: height 80, seat height 42, width of seat and back 40, seat depth 40.
Ref 285GF & 271GF


French White Bistro Set 7.jpg
French White Bistro Set 9.jpg
French White Bistro Set 8.jpg
Hand cart 1.jpg

Antique Garden Wheelbarrow (early 20th century)

Sourced from a beautiful country estate, a delightfully unique, sturdy barrow in great condition and full working order.
Easy to manoevre, it would also make a fabulous decorative piece in any garden and would look lovely if used to display flowers or herbs.
The wheel is solid wood with a wrought iron rim (still firmly attached). The slats are all good and strong. The barrow stands upright for ease of storage when not in use.
Traces of the original blue paint are still visible. There is some evidence of historic woodworm.
Dimensions in cm: full length 192, flat bed 46 x 45, height of flatbed 24, full height 63, wheel diameter 50.
Ref 295GD

Hand cart 2.jpg
Hand cart 8.jpg
Hand cart 6.jpg
Hand cart 5.jpg
Hand cart 3.jpg
Hand cart 7.jpg

Large glazed Castelnaudary Planter (early 20th century)
£475 (the pot in the centre of the photo of three is available)

This gorgeous pot has recently arrived from the south west of France.  
Originally used for planting citrus trees, it retains the traditional rich emerald green glaze.
The pot has two good handles and one drainage hole in the base.  Although there are light signs of wear commensurate with age, it is in remarkably good condition.
More photos are available on request.
Approx dimensions in cm: height 38, top rim diameter 37, width including handles 47.
Weight 10.5kg.

Ref 269GD 1,2,3.

Castelnaudary Pots x 3.jpg
Castelnaudary Pot 1 1.jpg
Castelnaudary Pot 1 3.jpg

A Pair of Cast Iron Victorian Planters

A very attractive, good size matching pair with lovely weathered white paint and some decorative detail, sitting on flared pedestal bases. Some useful drainage holes.
Dimensions in cm: height 24, length 63, width 31.
Weight of each planter 11.5 kg 

Ref 275GD

White victorian planters 9.jpg
White victorian planters 7.jpg
White victorian planters 6.jpg
White victorian planters 8.jpg
White victorian planters 11.jpg
White arras bistro table 2.jpg

Antique French Bistro Table (1850s)

A very attractive, heavyweight bistro table supported by an ornate cast iron base and three decorative lions' paw feet, recently arrived from France. 
Later painted and suitable for use either outdoors or in the home.
Dimensions in cm: height 71, top diameter 59.5, width between feet 44.
Weight 12kg.
Ref 266GF

A Charming and Unique Bistro Set of Three Coordinating Chairs from Belgium Paired with a Wrought Iron French Bistro Table.

These delightful slatted wood and wrought iron chairs from Belgium come from the same 'family'.
The design of the legs and feet are identical but each chair is designed and sized slightly differently, one large, one medium and one small medium.
The chairs have been paired with a lovely vintage white wrought iron vintage French bistro table.

Dimensions in cm:       
Height 72
Diameter 60
Leg width 54

Height: Papa 88, Mama 88, Teen 81.5
Depth: Papa 38, Mama 38, Teen 35
Seat width: Papa 49, Mama 48.5, Teen 41.5
Arm width:  Papa 57, Mama 60, Teen 53.5
Seat height: Papa 43.5, Mama 45.5, Teen 43

Belgian bistro set 1.jpg
Belgian chair bistro 3.jpg
Belgian chairs bistro 11.jpg
Belgian chairs bistro 7.jpg
Belgian chairs bistro 5.jpg
Belgian chairs bistro 4.jpg
Belgian chairs bistro 14.jpg
Belgian chairs bistro 17.jpg
Belgian chairs bistro 19.jpg
Multi glazed planters 4.jpg

A Pair of 'Dribble Glazed' Planters from the South of France.

A fabulous pair of large round planters, with the  creamy yellow, green and brown glaze typical of pottery from Provence.
In excellent condition with a few signs of wear commensurate with use.

Each has a drainage hole in the base.
Dimensions in cm: height 29, diameter including handles 42cm.
Ref 237.

Square green bistro set 4.jpg
Square green bistro set 7.jpg

A French wrought iron square bistro table and matching pair of wooden slatted folding chairs.

A pretty and practical vintage set, ideal for a small corner of the garden, a terrace or balcony.
The chairs fold for ease of storage.
Repainted in a lovely dark green, suitable for outdoor use.
Dimensions in cm:
Table: height 70, width 50, leg width 43.
Chairs: height 81, height folded 96, seat depth 34, seat width 41, seat height 45.


Square green bistro set 6.jpg
Oval copper cooking pot 7.jpg
Oval copper cooking pot 6.jpg

Antique French Oval Copper Cooking Pot, early 19th century.

Traditional, oval, solid copper cooking pot with its original cast iron handle, sourced from a chateau in the Loire Valley. 
Full of history, it is in great condition for its age.
Transformed into a beautiful planter and would be a stunning piece placed in a conservatory, or could simply be used in the home as a stylish and unusual storage vessel for logs, kindling, magazines etc.
Dimensions: height 33cm, height with handle raised 55cm, width 59cm, depth 37cm.
Ref 26

Oval copper cooking pot 8.jpg
Oval Copper cooking pot 1.jpg

A selection of galvanised garden containers - please contact us for details.

French plant stand 3.jpg
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