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mostly gorgeous curvaceous French and gently faded white Swedish, alongside irresistible, beautifully revamped English....

Bench 1_edited_edited.jpg
Bench 2.jpg
Bench 10.jpg

Large Solid Painted Wood Swedish Settle (mid 20th century)
Perfect for a kitchen, hallway or large boot room, this very attractive, curvaceous bench seats 3/4 people.
It is in good sturdy condition and has been used in a family home so has light cosmetic signs of wear commensurate
with every day use.
The rear of the settle is painted white.
Dimensions in cm: full length 191, seat length 182, seat depth 51, full height 101, seat height 48

Ref 298F

Bench 4.jpg
Bench 7.jpg
Bench 8.jpg
Bench 9.jpg
Bench 12.jpg
White demi lunes 1.jpg

A Pair of Painted Georgian Demi Lune Console Tables (late 18th/early 19th century).

A fabulous, sturdy pair of Georgian mahogany console tables of superb quality on sturdy legs and original working leather castors, later painted in faded white. 
The pair simply
 fits together to form one oval shaped table.  
Dimensions in cm: height 75, individual length 121.5, individual depth 55, diameter when fit together 1010 x 121.5, skirt and top depth 13.5, legs 4.5 x 4.5.

Ref 256

White demi lunes 3.jpg
White demi lunes 2.jpg
White demi lunes 4.jpg
Green chest of drawers 1.jpg

Chest of Drawers. Early 20th Century, Later Painted.

A super pretty, solid, sturdy, heavyweight chest of drawers with plenty of carved decorative detail, later painted with a harlequin pattern in faded green and white, standing on four bun feet.
Three good sized drawers and the working, original key.

The back is unpainted.
Dimensions in cm: height 85.5, width 102.5, depth 55.5.

Green chest of drawers 2.jpg
Green chest of drawers 8.jpg
Green chest of drawers 4.jpg
Green chest of drawers 6.jpg
Green chest of drawers 5.jpg
Tilt top table 1.jpg
Tilt top table 11.jpg
Tilt top table 4.jpg
Tilt top table 3.jpg
Tilt top table 5.jpg

Hand Painted Tilt Top Circular Victorian Dining/Hall Table

This superb sturdy, solid mahogany 19th century table has been later hand decorated by a talented artisan, using an original design. 
The table top, with its chamfered edge and deep skirt, is supported by a sturdy tapered pedestal base and three superb lions' paw feet on castors, adding to its visual appeal and stability.  The top tilts smoothly using the original brass mechanism on the underside of the table top and can easily be detached if required. Fully working castors ensure that the table is simple to manoevre.
This feature makes it a versatile piece, allowing space to be saved if not in use.

Wheel it where you like, stand back and admire!
Comfortably seats four. It is suitable for dining or as a hall table.
Dimensions in cm: diameter 121, height when set up 72, width between feet 95.
Ref 280F

Tilt top table 2.jpg
Tilt top table 10.jpg
Tilt top table 9.jpg
Cabinet Green Diamonds 1.jpg

Hand Painted Serpentine Front Victorian Glazed Cabinet

A very attractive, solid 19th century cabinet that has been beautifully later hand decorated with a faded green and white harlequin pattern giving it a stunning new lease of life, unique character and oodles of charm!
Blending traditional and modern craftsmanship, this lovely cabinet is functional, distinctive, practical and decorative.
The original key and locking mechanism are in full working order.
Dimensions in cm: height 90cm, width 119cm, depth 44cm.
Ref 278F

Cabinet Green Diamonds 7.jpg
Cabinet Green Diamonds 2.jpg
Cabinet Green Diamonds 6.jpg
Cabinet Green Diamonds 4.jpg
Cabinet Green Diamonds 11.jpg
Cabinet Green Diamonds 8.jpg
Pink chest of drawers 3.jpg

Hand Painted European Chest of Drawers (early 20th century)

This is a large size solid wood, heavyweight chest of drawers with decorative carvings and three good drawers retaining their original handles, standing on attractive bun feet.
Later hand decorated with an original geometric design in faded pink and white, this gorg
eous piece provides great storage combined with plenty of character and originality.
The back is unpainted.
Dimensions in cm: height 97, width 126.5, depth 65.5
Ref: 279F

Pink chest of drawers 1.jpg
Pink chest of drawers 4.jpg
Pink chest of drawers 6.jpg
Pink chest of drawers 9.jpg
Pink chest of drawers 7.jpg
Pink chest of drawers 5.jpg

Pair of French Chairs 1.jpg

A Pair of Antique French Napoleon III Crapaud Chairs
(for reupholstery)

Just arrived from France, these very attractive chairs have a really lovely shape, are well sprung, super comfortable and sound.
Great sizes, making them ideal for everyday use.
Upholstery quotes are available.
Dimensions in cm: full height 93, height to seat 36, seat depth 55, full width 69, width of back 67.
Weight 15kg each.  
Ref 265F

Pair of French Charis 2.jpg
Pair of French Chairs 3.jpg
Pair of French Chairs 6_edited.jpg
Pair of French Chairs 4.jpg
Pair of French Chairs 5.jpg

A Pair of Later Painted 19th Century 'D' Shaped Console Tables

This beautiful pair of consoles has been superbly painted with an original geometric design, enhancing the elegance and shape of these lovely pieces. 
So versatile, the pair can be displayed individually or fit together to make one square piece with rounded corners, gently curving together. 
Each table stands on four tapering legs, decorated to the front and sides with a striking design.
Works of art, functional and unique.

Dimensions in cm: each table 106 x 48, table top diameter when fit together 96 x 106, height to table top 72, height to underside of table 59, skirt 11, legs at top 4 x 4, base of legs 2.5 x 2.5.
More photos are available on request.
Ref 260

Big white table 10_edited_edited_edited.

Table base without top

Big white table base 1_edited.jpg

A Large Circular Handmade and Painted Solid Wood Dining Table

Hand made in the UK, this large, beautiful and solid table, made using only reclaimed pine, comfortably seats 6-8.
Hand painted in a distressed white, retaining the character of the wood it is crafted from, allowing the natural wood grain to show through, giving it a unique and rustic appearance.
The circular table top is supported by a sturdy single plinth terminating in a classical square base and four chunky feet. 
This table would be a charming addition to a dining room, kitchen, or any space where people gather to share meals.

The use of reclaimed materials and handcrafting in the UK adds a touch of sustainability and craftsmanship to the piece.
The table top can be removed for ease of transport.
Dimensions in cm: top diameter 153, height 80, base width 70, base diameter 94, plinth width 20, table top depth 3.75.
Ref: 222

Big white table 11_edited.jpg
Big white table base 4j_edited.jpg

Table top close up

Big white table 12_edited.jpg

Plinth and base close up

Big white table base 2_edited.jpg
Swedish commode 21.jpg

19th Century Painted Swedish Commode

A very attractive and useful piece with two smaller top drawers either side of a fluted panel and two large drawers beneath. 
Featuring pegging detail at the top, a decorative fluted breakfront centre section and brass handles, standing on four tapered legs this lovely chest of drawers has been later painted in faded white with a contrasting marbled painted wood top.
The back is unpainted.
Dimensions in cm: height 79, width 112, depth 57.5
Ref 255

Swedish commode 22.jpg
Swedish commode 7.png
Swedish Commode Top 2.jpg
Swedish commode 25.jpg
Swedish commode 26.jpg
White arras bistro table 2.jpg

Antique French Bistro Table (1850s)

A very attractive, heavyweight bistro table supported by an ornate cast iron base and three decorative lions' paw feet, recently arrived from France. 
Later painted and suitable for use either outdoors or in the home.
Dimensions in cm: height 71, top diameter 59.5, width between feet 44.
Weight 12kg.
Ref 266GF

Armoire 24.png

Antique French Armoire (late 18th/early 19th century)

A large, heavy, beautiful French armoire, retaining historic paint and also the original key.
In good, solid condition, with excellent form, wear, colour and plenty of decorative features, with one good, solid shelf.
More photographs are available.
Dimensions: height, 247cm, width 140cm, depth 60cm.

Armoire 4_edited.jpg
Armoire 17.jpg
Armoire 27.png
Armoire 29_edited_edited.png

19th Century French Tilt Top Wine Tasting Table

A rare find - this very unusual wine tasting, or 'vendange' table, from a vineyard in the Bordeaux region of France, retains its original table top waxed canvas covering. 
Originally made to be stored flat among the wine barrels and set up for wine tasting and grape pickers' celebrations to mark the end of the harvest.
It has been beautifully hand painted and decorated with 'Grand Vins de Bordeaux, Domaine de Haut Passeloupe, Margaux'.
A particularly fine, sturdy table, with plenty of character.
Dimensions: height when set up 73cm, height tilted 116cm, depth of table rim 2.4cm, diameter of table top 99cm, width of base 71.5cm, depth  of base 38cm.
More photos are available on request.

Canvas Vendange 1_edited.jpg
Canvas Vendange 2_edited.jpg
Canvas Vendange 6_edited.jpg
Canvas Vendange 13_edited.jpg
Canvas Vendange 11_edited.jpg
Canvas Vendange 10.jpg
St Emilion Vendange.jpg

Heading 4

19th Century French Tilt Top Wine Tasting Table

This lovely 'vendange' table originates from a vineyard in the Bordeaux region of France. The word 'vendange' means 'the harvesting or harvest time of grapes'.
Originally made to be stored flat among the wine barrels and set up for wine tastings and grape pickers' celebrations to mark the end of the harvest.
It has been beautifully hand painted and decorated with St Emilion Grand Cru, Chateau Laroque Cru Classe.  
A fine, sturdy table, made from mixed fruitwood, with plenty of character and a very attractive tulip shaped swivel pedestal, supporting the table top.
There is evidence of ancient woodworm, long gone.
Dimensions in cm: height when set up 72, height tilted 120, depth of table rim 2.0, diameter of table top 108, width of base 52, depth of base 58.
More photos are available on request.
Ref: 243

St Emilion Vendange 7.jpg
St Emilion Vendange 13.jpg
St Emilion Vendange 2.jpg
St Emilion Vendange 14.jpg

19th Century Marble Top French Patisserie Display Table

A beautiful original French piece, with a curling foliate frieze, scrolling iron base, decorative ball finials and a later added marble top.
The legs are classical C-Scroll with straight stretchers.  Round motifs adorn the scrolls and the table legs rest on the top part only of four iron casters.
These tables were used to present patisseries in shop windows.
Dimensions: height 86cm, length 115cm, depth 60cm.

Patisserie table 1.jpg
Patisserie table 4.jpg
Patisserie table 10.jpg
Patisserie table 7.jpg
French Walnut Carved Hall Table 1.jpg
French Walnut Carved Hall Table 3.jpg

Antique French Louis XV Style Walnut Table
A beautiful hand carved French walnut table, circa 1850, on elegant cabriole legs and tapered feet.
The carvings on each corner are floral decorative. The carvings along the front, back and side panels are both floral and scalloped.
This piece is in excellent condition, with minor signs of use, commensurate with its age.
Dimensions: height 76cm, length 109cm, depth 74.5cm


French Walnut Carved Hall Table 2.jpg
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