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White Horse Mould 5.jpg

1940s Rocking Horse Factory Mould
Sourced from an old factory in the UK, these are the original fibreglass moulds used to make rocking horses.
Now remaining: one white.
Dimensions in cm: full length 122, height 70, width including legs 38, body width 23.
Ref 236

White Horse Mould 3.jpg
White Horse Mould 6.jpg

Large glazed Castelnaudary Planters (early 20th century)
£475 each 1 remaining

These gorgeous pots have just arrived from the south west of France.  
Originally used for planting citrus trees, they retain their traditional rich emerald green glaze.
Each pot has two good handles and one drainage hole in the base.  Although there are light signs of wear commensurate with age, all are in remarkably good condition.
More photos are available on request.
Approx dimensions in cm: height 38, top rim diameter 37, width including handles 47.
Weight 10.5kg.

Ref 269GD 1

Castelnaudary Pots x 3.jpg

Pot 1 

Castelnaudary Pot 1 1.jpg
Castelnaudary Pot 1 3.jpg

Large French Biot Pot

This beautiful and very large, heavyweight part glazed antique pot originates from Biot, close to Antibes, where Biot pots have been produced since the Middle Ages.
Traditionally used to preserve olives and oil, they make wonderful ornamental pieces, either for the garden, terrace,
conservatory or house.
Dimensions: height 62cm, circumference 161cm, top diameter 37cm, base diameter 27cm.

A Pair of Cast Iron Victorian Planters

A very attractive, good size matching pair with lovely weathered white paint and some decorative detail, sitting on flared pedestal bases. Some useful drainage holes.
Dimensions in cm: height 24, length 63, width 31.
Weight of each planter 11.5 kg 
Ref 275GD

White victorian planters 9.jpg
White victorian planters 7.jpg
White victorian planters 6.jpg
White victorian planters 8.jpg
White victorian planters 11.jpg

A Large Pair of Antique Italian Bronze Sconces (1940s)

Sourced from a convent in France and of superb quality, these beautiful, elegant, heavyweight bronze sconces have a rich depth of colour and patina.
They can be wall hung using the brackets on the rear, or would make a stunning feature centre piece on a long table. 
Originally wired for electricity, so could be professionally rewired, or converted for candles and used as candelabra.
The weight of each sconce is 7.71kg
Dimensions: length 83cm, height 29cm, depth 13cm.
More photos are available.
Ref 183

Italian sconces 10.jpg
Italian Sconces 11.jpg
Italian sconces 14.jpg
Italian sconces 16.jpg
Italian sconces 13.jpg
Green gargoulette 9.jpg

Vintage Green Glazed French Cruche/Water Or Wine Jug

Recently arrived from the South of France, where the pottery is traditionally glazed in a vibrant emerald green, this is a solid piece in lovely condition, also fully glazed on the interior.
Approx dimensions in cm: height 39, diameter 23.5, rim diameter 15, width including spout & handle 28.5.
Ref: 184

Italian Marble Urn 1.jpg

Italian Marble Urn, 19th Century
This elegant and substantial classic Italian urn looks stunning either in the garden or in the home.  
A beautiful decorative piece that stands alone beautifully, or it could be filled with either a plant or large candle. 
There is one drainage hole in the base.
Dimensions in cm: height 31, base 17 x 17, top rim diameter 26.5, internal diameter 10, internal height 12.
Weight 12.kgs.
Ref 292ID

Italian Marble Urn 6.jpg
Italian Marble Urn 5.jpg
Italian Marble Urn 4.jpg
Italian Marble Urn 2.jpg
Horse heads 1.jpg

A Pair of Composite Stone Horse Head Finials

A charming pair of weathered cast composition stone finials
in the shape of a horse’s head, retaining much of the original white paint, on a thick block base.  
Originally designed
to be placed on top of gate posts or pillars, they could either be found a new home on a set of gates, used as garden statuary or would be a fabulous addition to any interior space as an eye catching decorative feature. 
Heavyweight, solid and particularly attractive.
Dimensions in cm: height 32cm, base 22.5x22.5cm.
Ref 226

Horse heads 2.jpg
Horse heads 5.jpg
Horse heads 3.jpg

19th Century Italian White Glazed Confit Pots (1800-1850)
£80 each

Traditionally used for storing and preserving olives, sardines, anchovies and vegetables in olive oil, these pots, unique to Naples and increasingly hard to find, are full of character, hand crafted and painted. 
The original yellow paint on the rim is still visible.
In excellent antique condition, they make wonderful decorative vases or pots for fresh herbs.
Ref 113 & 113A

       Pot no 1
h20.5 x d18cm


    Pot no 2
h18 x d16 cm

Cast iron balustrade panel 2.jpg

Original French Cast Iron Decorative Balustrade Panel

This is a fabulous panel, recently arrived from a French chateau, and would originally have been part of some form of balustrade.
The central part comprises an intricate floral design, which is surrounded by beautiful curved and curled details. There is plenty of age and patina and it is in good, solid condition.
It would be a wonderfully de
corative piece to hang on either an internal or external wall, would make a lovely wall insert, acting as a 'window' between two rooms, and could be converted into a stunning mirror.
Dimensions: Height 101cm, width 34.3cm
Ref 29


Cast iron balustrade panel 3.jpg
Cast iroon balustrade panel 4.jpg
Italian candlestick 6.jpg

19th century Italian Candlestick

A beautiful tall wooden candlestick, gilded and painted in muted shades of green and red, sourced from a large property in Pouance, Maine et Loire, France.
A blacksmith custom made metal plate and spike have recently been added in order to secure any candle to the top.
Dimensions: height 60cm, base diameter 24cm.

Italian candlestick 9.jpg
Italian candlestick 10.jpg
Italian candlestick 7.jpg
Oval copper cooking pot 7.jpg

Antique French Oval Copper Cooking Pot, early 19th century.

Traditional, oval, solid copper cooking pot with handle, sourced from a chateau in the Loire Valley. 
It is in great condition for its age, makes a beautiful planter in summer and a perfect log basket during winter months.
Dimensions: height 33cm, height with handle raised 55cm, width 59cm, depth 37cm.

Ref 26

Oval copper cooking pot 8.jpg
Oval copper cooking pot 6.jpg
Caddies and stoneware 1.jpg

A Selection of Vintage French/European Glazed Stoneware Pots
£15 - £30

These look great in the kitchen and are useful utensil/pen/washing up brush containers, in the bathroom for toothbrushes/makeup brushes, or as lovely little vases filled with garden or wild flowers.  
Two pots (left in photo) £20 each 
(1 remaining)
Beer bottle (2nd from right) £15
Pot £30
Ref: 190,191,192

A Pair of Decorative 19th Century French Fire Dogs/Andirons Featuring the Musketeer Porthos.

Porthos, the nom de guerre of the fictional character Baron du Vallon de Bracieux de Pierrefonds in the novel 'The Three Musketeers' by Alexander Dumas (1844), stood out for his physical size and strength and was an extrovert character who was known for enjoying wine, women and song
This pair of fire dogs could also be used as wonderfully decorative door stops.
Dimensions: heig
ht 24cm, width 10.5cm, length 39cm.

Porthos fire dogs 2.jpg
Porthos fire dogs 1.jpg
Porthos fire dogs 3.jpg
Green grape hod 1.jpg

19th Century French Galvanised Metal Grape Hod with Chateauneuf-du-Pape Crest
Originally used in vineyards to collect grapes at harvest time, this hod, originating from vineyards in the area around Perpignan in the south of France and from the Bordeaux region, has been beautifully decorated and hand painted with a Chateauneuf-du-Pape crest.
Perfect for weddings and parties, it can be filled with ice and used as champagne or wine coolers, or for use in the home as a log basket or umbrella stand, or converted and used to house either  floor or wall hung uplights. It makes a wonderful vessel for floral displays and can either stand alone or be wall hung using the hooks on the rear that originally held the leather shoulder straps.
Dimensions: approx height 65cm, width 63cm, depth 41cm.

Green grape hod 2.jpg
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